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Learn how to play Highway To Hell by AC/DC on the guitar using the tutorial below. These guitar tabs, chords, and sheet music will help even beginner guitar players play Highway To Hell just like AC/DC. Artist: AC/DC Song: Highway To Hell Intro and Verse: A5 D/F# G e|————–3———3——–3———-| B|——–3–3–3—3–3–3–3–3–3–3——-| G|-2-2-2–2–2–0—2–2–0–2–2–0–2–2–2-| D|-2-2-2——–0———0——–0—–2–2-| A|-0-0-0———————————0–0-| E|——–2–2–3—2–2–3–2–2–3–2——-| (2x) […]